Talent Concept
Talent Management

By distributing rational division of labors, strengthened responsibility,integrated organizational management and building company culture and so on, Sinobaronaims to build up a team of reliable and adaptable company requirements, build up a working environment with both restriction and harmonious under the motivation and full of vitality and vigor, build up a system to train and shape people to make them outstanding, and support human resources for company operation and development rapidly. Sinobaron's human resources management is stable, innovative and creative. It connects with company manufacture and business activities, serving all departments of company and satisfying employees' requirements. “Learn to swim by swimming” means Sinobaron will improve and develop human resources guide ideas continuously. We will introduce our talent management following by “Sinobaron Class”, “SinobaronAssessment” and “Salary and Welfare”.

Sinobaron Class

1.Sinobaron will try hard to build up a strong “learning organization” and invest more in human resources. Because we believe that learning knowledge means learning living, and learning ability means learning competitive ability. Both customer satisfaction and core competition is from learning.
2.Sinobaronemployees should have a concept of study forever. The illiteracy in the future is the man who doesn't know study but not have diploma. You can leave school but you can't leave study. The school teaches you intelligence but enterprise teaches you the ability. Company focuses more onprogress together.
3.Every day will have new condition. Every employee should grow up in learning. Learning should be together with working. Working is learning. It is necessary to learn, use and enhance talents in practice. There is no way to learn once but last forever. We have to keep pace with the times.
4.The staff is the foundation and leading force of our company. We will continuously improve staffs' professional skills and comprehensive quality by various kinds of training.
5.To develop and train human resources continuously is our important measures to achieve the growth goals for human resources. We will continue to combine the ways of on-job training(OJT) and off-job training, self-development and education development. Company is encouraged employees to do “Self-investment” in knowledge strongly.

Sinobaron Assessment

1.To establish an objective and fair performance management system based on the goal of company developmentis the long-term task of Sinobaron human resources.
2. The assessment of employees will follow their working performance, working attitude, working ability with clear objectives and requirements. The working performance focuses on performance and improvement while working ability focuses on skills and business level. With the development of company in different times, the target will change.
3. Company implements a system of regular job description for important positions to build up a good communication bridge between managers and subordinates to enhance mutual understanding and reliability.

Salary and Welfare

1.Company is determined to be inclined to thefirst-class employees in terms of salary and treatment.
2.The distribution of salary is subject offunctional wages and more pay for more work. The salary should connect withdepartment and own performance. The treatment is based on the individual' scontribution to the company.
3.When established and improved the salary system, we will follow the principles of competitiveness, incentives, fairness,impartiality and “more pay for more work, distribution according to work” toachieve a win-win situation between employees and company.
4. Employees' salary are determined according totheir working complexity and difficulty of the job, the responsibility, theworking conditions and the required knowledge, skills, experience and so on. Wealso will determine salary based on their actual performances.
5. Salary includes internal salary and externalsalary. The personal salary includes basic salary, position salary, performancesalary, bonus, allowances, insurance benefits, paid holiday, foreign investmentand so on. The internal salary includes working environment, workingrecognition, development promotion, ability improvement, safety and so on. Bothof them are important.
6. After improving the salary system, our companywill check, analysis, adjust(annual salary adjustment, combined withorganization preparation, target management, plan and budget management, andsalary adjustment indicators to the department), to ensure competitiveness.

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