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    Ice hockey (also called encapsulated) ice storage technology works on the following principles: During the low-power hours of the night, the refrigeration host is turned on, and the water in the ice hockey ball is frozen into ice. During the peak hours of the day, the ice in the ice ball is melted. Its cooling capacity is for air conditioning or industrial refrigeration. In the ice making, the outlet temperature of the evaporator of the refrigeration unit is usually required to be minus 5 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the medium for the circulation of the ice hockey generally uses ethylene glycol solution. The ethylene glycol solution flows outside the ice ball and exits from the refrigerator in the ice making cycle. The low-temperature ethylene glycol solution flows over the surface of the ice ball to freeze the water in the ice ball. When the ice melts, the ethylene glycol solution flows over the surface of the ice ball and exchanges heat with the frozen water flowing to the air conditioner terminal. The cooled chilled water flows to each room and is cooled by the fan coil. Therefore, the air conditioning terminal may be in the same form as a conventional central air conditioner. The United States CRYOGEL ice hockey pucks are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) material and have a diameter of about 103 mm.

  1. Ice ball designed 16 shaped pits. And every pit is about 25.4mm diameter. When the water is frozen into ice, the ice ball will expand and then the pits will move outward to accommodate the ice ball volume. The unit cubic meter can up to 17.8RTH.

  2. The deionized water of ice ball has AgI Colloidal nucleating agent. It can decrease the frozen supercooling degree, speed up charging and discharging, and improve the temperature during the frozen time.

  3. There is no air in ice ball. It has large heat exchange area with high efficient. In the beginning and the end of discharging period, most of the time, the ice ball is in suspension state. It can speed up the water flow and improving discharging.

  4. The ice ball can bear 5000 time concave-convex expansion. It has been used more than 20 years in America. It has been used in over 15 international airports, including Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Atlanta and New York and so on.

  5. The common advantages of ice ball ice storage system: fast discharging. The averaged discharging rate can up to 30%. It can discharge completely in on-peak time. The tank can use horizontal type, vertical type, cuboid type, cylinder type and other shapes to fit on building structure. The ice storage tank can be buried and not take place machine room. America IBIS dba CRYOGEL located in Santiago, California. In 20 years ago, ICE Ball TM started to manufacture. Because its simple principle, flexible system and installation, operation, maintain and other advantages, it was accepted by market quickly.

    Cryogel ice ball has been widely used in school, hospital, airport, office building, church, welfare agent, and manufacture building and so on. There are thousands and millions of ice balls has been used in the world. There are more than 500 Cryogel ice storage systems use stably and reliably in America. Their users cover Europe, America and Asia, including NASA Aerospace Center, Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport, Chicago-Ouerre Airport, Los-Angeles International Airport, Miami International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, Los Angele 801 Building, Seattle Stadium, Chicago Government Office Building, Jefferson President Library, Los Angele San Bernadino Hospital, Sentara Hospital, Haster Winery, Black-Decker Winery, Coca Cola Filling Plant, Boeing Aircraft Manufacturing Plant, California Technology Factory, McDonald’s Delivery Center,

    Charleston Hotel Management Company, Malaysia TNB Building, Malaysia Multimedia University, Malaysia Unimas Building and so on.

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